Living in London: Feb 2013-Aug 2015

“My soul has learnt what it came to learn, and all other things………are just things”

I had left hope that summer would visit London this year. After a chilly June swept past us without as much as a week of decent weather, it seemed the sun would never come out and play. Now that it’s officially summertime, Londoners are spilling outside in great numbers. I see this weather as the city’s farewell gift to us. After spending remarkable 2 and a half years in the UK, it’s now time to say goodbye. Gosh, where did time fly? Continue reading

Stratford upon Avon- May 2014

Words fail me as I sit down to write about our weekend at Stratford upon Avon. I knew it to be a peaceful little town built along the banks of the river Avon. I knew it to be the birthplace of the great Shakespeare. I knew all the famous sites that I wanted to visit. What I didn’t know was that I would experience an explosion of sentiments as I get to walk over his very footsteps at the places where he once dwelled! Continue reading