Italian Holiday: Rome, Florence & Tuscany Nov 2013

An art lover’s paradise, Rome is a place you must visit once in your lifetime.

I really fell head over heels in love with this exotic city! All u need is a map, a water-bottle and a pair of legs! Walked and walked and walked all around and couldn’t stop marveling at the architectural wonders which stand proudly at every nook and corner of Rome. The Grand Colosseum, St Peters Basilica, The Sistina Capel, Vatican museums, Roman Forum, Palentine hill, quite a few wonderful churches and Trevi Fountain are the places which we could visit. Explored Rome for three full days, walking from the time our shuttle dropped us at the city centre in the morning (at 10 am) till the time it picked us up at night (8:15 pm)!! Evolved from being nervous tourists to relaxed wanderers who guided many lost people towards the famous sites and interacted with numerous tourists from all over the world.


Somewhere near the city center


Trevi Fountain


The grand colosseum



The amazing Vatican Museum




St. Peter’s Basilica

 If Rome took us back in ancient times with its looming historical monuments, museums and art, Florence with its bustling night-lights and artistic culture transformed us into starry-eyed honeymooners again.


A suggestion- We came across various stalls selling amazing (and authentic) leather apparel and accessories as well as these gorgeous venetian masks in Florence. If you plan to shop for these, Florence is the spot for you during your Italian trip.




On the last day, we rented a tiny red Vespa and joined a group tour exploring the picturesque Tuscany countryside.. This was clearly one of the highlights of our trip as we lost ourselves in the one of the world’s most rural scenic countrysides. Stretches of vineyards and olive groves, castle ruins and charming little medieval villages make you wish for the time to stop there and then. Drove through the hills and quaint little medieval villages for hours, which was followed by a wine tasting ceremony as well as mouth watering Tuscan lunch. The day ended with a beautiful sunset view and later, an authentic Italian dinner paired with classic Chianti wine.





Touring a winery

Leaning tower of Pisa was quite a surprise as we expected a souring 100 mtr high tower but in reality it is really small! Luckily our return flight was from Pisa and we made a quick trip to the tower before our departure. Coming all the way to Pisa just to see the leaning tower…not such a good idea!


The Leaning Tower of Pisa


Missing these delightful places, their exquisite heritage, pleasant weather, interacting with people from all over the world and not to forget the pizzas & pastas (and the Gelato!)

CIAO ITALY! I made sure of throwing the coin over my back in the Trevi Fountain so that we may visit you again someday in future!

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